Passionate people, contributing unique talents, working together to reach the goal of being the best at what we do in the utility and facility related expense management and payables industry.

In February 1991, Co-founders Bob and Todd Calman of Tariff Affiliates began a journey to develop outsourced utility and payable expense management process improvement practices. By automating and outsourcing these services, best in class practices could be achieved.

Early on, we found common characteristics across our customers that inspired us to seek a better way to process and consolidate utility expenses. Whether small or large, single-site or multi-site, we saw that the way these businesses were paying their telecom, utility and other facility related bills was exceedingly unprofitable.

We found no vendor centralization or invoice payment consolidation, no experts on staff that could provide validation, and no back-office accounting integration. Surely, we could help provide what was missing:
  • An advanced way to consolidate all your telephone and utility vendors into a single invoice.
  • A fail-proof way to never pay an incorrect invoice again.
  • A strategic way to pay all your vendors at once, and integrate the data into your accounting system, creating an inter-departmental platform.
Today, the common characteristic of these small and large, single-site and multi-site companies is their invoice destination: Tariff Affiliates.

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