Paperless Invoice Automation for Accounts Payable


It's everywhere, and when you think of companies suffering from a high paper-based accounts payable process, it's easy to picture a small business with little resources. However, companies of all sizes face the same challenges to streamline payables and abandon their longstanding manual process.

The easiest way to automate your procure-to-pay (P2P) process and fundamentally change how your invoices are processed, approved and paid, is by flat file electronic invoicing. Flat file processing has gained popularity because of the ease of ownership and it minimizes manual intervention. The concept is simple too! Why would anyone want to duplicate their efforts by spending all that time and resources converting paper invoices that you receive - to data when keying into your accounting system - only to convert back to paper when making the payment.

With Tarisoft - you will be pursuing a vision of no-touch invoice processing and payment, since 100% of the invoices and documents you will receive and pay will be a simple exchange of data. And since Tarisoft is on-demand software, there's no need to invest significant IT resources.

If paper is driving you crazy and you are dealing with problems caused by the absence of invoice automation, allow Tarisoft to make your automation project a success and partner with us as your purchase-to-pay solutions processor.

  • Ability to view, route, approve and pay multiple invoices easily, with a single click.
  • View expenses by cost centers or other parameters (including geography) that are used to allocate costs.
  • Integrate all expenses into your accounting system seamlessly.
  • Maintain and view spend analysis on selected utility and facility related services.
  • Policy-based management reporting.
  • Increase ability to capture vendor discounts.

Tarisoft - doing the work of a small staff.

To learn more on how Tarisoft can provide your company with best-in-class invoice automation for accounts payable, please contact us at